LiPo Batteries


The photos above are a Few example of the different Lithium Polymer Batteries that either stock/ can order.

These range from :

3.7V (1S)   |   7.4V (2S)   |   11.1V (3S)   |   14.8V (4S)   |   18.5V (5S)   |   22.2V (6S)   |   25.9V (7S)

Various C rates  e.g.  20C – 100C

Huge variation of mAh

The main brands we stock include:  Overlander   |   Radient (JP)   |   Spektrum & Eflite (Logic rc)   |   Bashing Batteries   |   FTX

(please enquire about any other brands)

Feel free to contact us with any enquiries / orders.


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